Supper taken in the morning
Stray dogs chugging down waste
and a pile of unexplained unclaimed vomit
The truck noisily takes away one bin of washed clean recycling and one bin of corruption.


Every night I dream of flying, unassisted, high above towns and people. I use a breaststroke swimming action to propel through the sky. It’s so satisfying. I’ve only just realised that this dream is so recurrent.


The neighbour came to the door again, beer in hand to chat and ask to use the green bin. He had been chopping back a tree that was getting in the way of his garage.

This happens relatively frequently – his visits, that is, with various reasons for a doorside chat.

His pupils are not quite right and the chat is a little… nonlinear. I’m sure he’s had some charlie or similar.

I reckon he really wants to hang out and get higher, he’s looking for a conspirator. After what seems like listening forever, I realise that due to his altered state I could be saying anything in reply and it wouldn’t make any difference to his solo stream of unconscious talk.

Eventually I make no excuse whatsoever and tell him I have to go and he leaves.