Sunday Night Anxiety – Banish it and Enjoy Your Weekend

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If you have ever felt a sense of dread as the weekend draws to a close, you’ve experienced the Sunday Scaries. Feeling Sunday night anxiety is a common reaction to the looming work week. However, those nagging thoughts about work or school can rob you of your weekend and leave you feeling drained before Monday even rolls around. If you’re looking for ways to fight off the Sunday Scaries and enjoy a relaxing weekend, check out this list of helpful resources, courtesy of Slowist.

Start Your Weekend Productively

Instead of leaving your chores and errands for Sunday evening, get your weekend to-do list out of the way as soon as possible.

Do Something Fun

Scheduling fun activities for Sunday can help keep your mind off work and give you something to look forward to.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Consider a few ways to make your work week less stressful and your workspace more comfortable. 

Don’t let the Sunday Scaries interfere with your weekend! When you clock out on Friday, you deserve to enjoy a calming and rejuvenating respite from work. Do something productive, get out of the house, and practice self-care to banish those stomach knots and free your mind so you can fully relax during your time off.

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