If you’re not careful life can flash by in the busy-ness of work and the everyday, relentlessly pushing our minds to cope with and process more and more stimuli. This can have a devastating effect on our health both mentally and physically. Slowist takes inspiration from the slow movement to reflect on daily activities to increase attention and presence of mind.

Sometimes it helps to put on the brakes, or at least be very conscious of activities we do, whatever they are, training ourselves to focus on the acts of seeing, smelling, hearing… being aware of being.

Slowist was an idea that began some time ago – around the mid 2000’s – that like minded people could contribute to a website, writing articles about wellbeing, mindfulness, sustainability, skills and activities that help focus and provide relief from the stresses of everyday life – taking inspiration from the slow movement. A group effort; so not overwhelming one person but all getting benefit from the wisdom of many. But things got busy and it didn’t progress.

But now Slowist is here. A blogging collective, sharing good things. Ultimately a place where local workshops can be advertised by members to spread knowledge and practical skills to whoever is interested.