If you have ever felt a sense of dread as the weekend draws to a close, you’ve experienced the Sunday Scaries. Feelings of stress and anxiety on Sunday are a common reaction to the looming work week. However, those nagging thoughts about work or school can rob you of your weekend and leave you feeling drained before Monday even rolls around. If you’re looking for ways to fight off the Sunday Scaries and enjoy a relaxing weekend, check out this list of helpful resources.

During the past couple of years, changes took place. What most people thought of as “normal” was redefined. From face masks to facing financial insecurity, to keeping the kids entertained at home, you probably had to re-adjust your life when coping with the pandemic. Having the right tools to respond to these changes can help you maintain your mental well-being during difficult times.

It’s been three-quarters of a year since my first article for Slowist about my ‘Waratah and Others’ piano and photography project. It has been an interesting nine months in many ways. I’ve made intermittent progress with the project, interspersed with various challenges, both personal and structural. Like most things in life, it hasn’t gone exactly to plan, but there have been silver linings, personal discoveries, and interesting side-tracks along the way.

Do you feel compelled to write about… something? Are you an artist who can write about the motivation and process for a piece of your work? Are you moved by the sights and sounds of nature and want to put a picture into words?

You should. We are all artists. Can Slowist.org help share your voice?