Down by the water

Down by the water - Debbie Lewis

We love this poem by new Slowist author Debbie Lewis, perfectly capturing the zen-like simple observations of nature’s calm. It is the essence of being present and mindful, noting in wonder the things that are always around, but seldom recognised for their pure beauty.

Look out for more poems from Debbie in the coming weeks.

Dappled sunlight filtering through the green leaves,
Ripples racing each other faster,
Bird song fills the air spreading their news,
Quacking ducks taking a bath.


No humans present only natures wondrous splendour,
Beauty reflected in the water,
Hidden depths never ever revealing its bounty,
Currents ebb and flow endlessly.


Surrounded by calmness peace gently engulfs me,
At one with the world,
Forget the worrisome burden deep down inside,
Empty of those troubled thoughts.