Peace among the small things, too

Moss, possibly Rosulabryum capillare (Capillary Thread-moss) on a shed roof in north-east Melbourne, 30th September 2016. Photograph captured on an iPhone 7.

Hunting around among the small things for something interesting is a great way of switching off from the everyday. The gentle focus required to find these treasures is a wonderful antidote to the often mentally tiring demands of modern life, not to mention a great way of learning about your local flora and fauna.

I knew it was moss, that those alien looking things were sporophytes, and that it looked incredible.

Of course when I found it I had no idea it’s binomial (scientific/latin) name was Rosulabryum capillare (or it’s ‘common’ name Capillary Thread-moss, for that matter); I knew it was moss, that those alien looking things were sporophytes (I have a sciencey misspent youth) and that it looked incredible. I felt very pleased to have found it and to be able to enjoy it and share the picture with others.

So many times with this sort of discovery, Facebook has proven to be suprisingly useful – posting the photo on a local group (e.g. Field Naturalists Club of Victoria soon delivers responses from the collective knowledge of many. Verification of suggestions usually identifies the species, and often within minutes.

Investigating the world from the viewpoint of the small things and using this as an exercise in mindfulness is restful, an education and a total joy. There is much to discover in the backyard…